Wreaths in the garden

A little out of season but I wanted to share these beautiful photos taken by Alison O’Sullivan whose photography I’ve admired for a very long time. I’m sure you’ve got your wreath hanging proudly on your door but if not, maybe these garden gathered wreaths will inspire you to put something together using what’s available to you.

Late September I was asked to feature my work in a newish magazine called Preloved. Curated by some of my favourite stylists and photographers on the internet. The magazine is FULL of gorgeous images and ideas and would make a great gift (hint, hint) – I was thrilled to be approached. I asked Alison to help me out as I needed someone to capture the making process for me. A tripod is great but a human so much better as you can see. The theme was ‘Primitive’ and I used it is an inspiration point to create wreaths straight from the garden with the best materials I had in season. Hops, Strawflowers and Sunflower Heads stole the show. I wanted to highlight how close the connection is from growing, picking and creating.

Alison and I spent the morning chatting and photographing around the garden and I just love how she captured everything. A fresh pair of eyes can make you view a familiar space completely differently, I hope she’ll come back in the spring time (fingers crossed!). I never submitted the photos I took on the day as these were everything I wanted them to be, soft, gentle and full of that locally grown, seasonal magic.

You can find Alison on Instagram here and online here.

You can get your own copy of Preloved magazine here.

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