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After studying Product Design and Development at the London College of Fashion I worked in the industry for several years, designing eveningwear and then hosiery. I was heartbroken when after years of hard work and study I realised that the industry just wasn’t for me.

Feeling lost, I started to experiment with the many beads I had collected during my lifetime. When I wore my creations to my office job, colleagues would ask me to teach them how to make. I would run secret workshops in offices during lunch breaks and as soon as I discovered I could share my love of making via a blog I was hooked. Having a safe place of my own, to share, experiment and grow was a creative lifeline in an uncertain time.

With an eye for colour and texture my jewellery tutorials soon started to appear online and in craft magazines. I’ve been fortunate to work with; Mollie Makes, Red Online, The London Jewellery School, Lisa Comfort and many others. As my life changed from having a boyfriend to getting married, renovating a house and having children, my blog was there to record my creative journey. It also provided some wonderful opportunities to meet and work with fantastic creative people along the way.

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Motherhood has been my biggest shift in recent years, the change from working in fast paced London to slowing down and caring full-time for two small children enabled me to reconnect and discover new loves.

The biggest joy (apart from my children ;-)) has been the connection with nature and the positive impact my garden and growing flowers has had on my well-being. What started as a tentative experiment in growing a simple nasturtium has become a full-blown obsession and one that has bought me back to my true self.

With my eldest starting school, I’m so looking forward to a new chapter and having a website that encapsulates all that I love is just the beginning. Whilst my photography and skills have grown since my early days, my mission has always been the same – to share simple ways to live life more creatively and to make the everyday beautiful.

I really hope to meet you at one of my workshops, provide flowers for your celebrations or help to capture your handmade product very soon.

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