Recycled gift bags with Papermash

I ran a Christmas crafting workshop yesterday and have woken up full of Christmas magic (and a poorly little one!) . Sharing the joy of turning squirrelled scraps and metres of packing into something unique and beautiful delights me beyond belief. I made this quick and easy gift bag whilst styling another tutorial (coming up next) for Papermash. With the help of the joyful washi tape these bags couldn’t be easier to make.

I used mine to jazz up a Christmas tree pot but you could use them to gift Christmas biscuits, rustle up a care kit, full of candles and delicious smelling bubble baths,  package up some snuggly socks or most likely in my case fill will Lego bricks…they can be used in so many different ways.

All the steps are below…


Step 1. Cut a rectangle of brown paper large enough to fit your gift, if using for a flower pot measure the diameter and from the centre of the base of the pot to the top edge and add on about 5 extra centimetres to the measurements.

Step 2 . Decorate the rectangle with washi tape, this would be great to do with children, mine LOVE washi tape.

Step 3. Stitch or stick the side edge and bottom edge together. I used my sewing machine as it was out and made the process really quick!

Step 4. You could stop here and have a rectangle envelope shape ready to go. If its for a pot, turn the bag upside down and fold and stitch/stick the corners to open up.

Step 5. Add your gifts and enjoy. I added a golden tag to finish mine off as they were too gorgeous to resist!

A huge thanks to Papermash for this post, DIY, photography and words all me.

  • DIY_Gift_Bag_tutorial
  • Simple_Brown_Bag_Tutorial


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