Creating a gallery wall

I’m not sure about you but my home has taken a battering over the last year – Lego, princesses and apple cores rule. I have tried to let it wash over me, children happily playing is far better than the alternative but sometimes as a mama you need a place to call your own. A place for your eyes to settle on what inspires without a lego brick or tiny hairbrush creeping in.

One of my favorite areas of my home is this picture corner tucked away in my bedroom, I have been adding to it over the years and found another embroidered treasure to add over the summer. I needed a frame but couldn’t find anything vintage to fit the piece. I love Nkuku frames but they are a little out of my price range at the mo and treasure hunting with small children is never as good as it sounds.

On a trip to Matalan (my children love it there, it works for all!) I picked up this large hanging metal picture frame. It was perfect for my embroidery but a little gold. I wanted to soften it and make it feel more feminine. All I did was remove the gold chain and add a length of hand dyed silk. It took a few minutes and looks perfect amoungst my other treasures. I made sure there was lots of space around the actual embroidery so it feels way more luxe than it is. If you don’t have any silk, no worries, scraps of pretty cotton from an old shirt or sundress would look lovely too.

Sometimes it’s the tiniest things that make such a difference to how we view our homes. Happy making friends! xx

Silk ribbon hanging picture frame
  • vintage embroidery in glass frame
  • picture corner
elegantly dried flowers
vintage inspired picture nook


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