Apple Picking

For me there is something so comforting and nostalgic about apple picking. Growing up there were always apple trees in the garden and come autumn my Dad would spend afternoons, sorting, washing and peeling apples to make apple sauce.

A few weeks ago, I convinced my little gang to come apple picking with me, I wanted an wholesome activity to get away from the barrage of Halloween plastic tempting my children everywhere.we.went. It was great, no people (anyone else finding people a much, at the moment?!) and lots and lots of apples! We let the children pick what they wanted – some were the best we’d ever tasted, others on the small and sour side. It didn’t matter we had such a lovely afternoon.

Three weeks on we are still working through the supply! I’ve turned the surplus into what I’m hoping will be a delicious cinnamon and apple infused gin and it only takes one whiff of cold to make me bake a crumble! I hope you’re having a good autumn, I’m a new to being an autumn lover and can’t get enough of all the cosy feelings it brings.

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