Life has been full this year, the stop start nature of living ‘normally’ through a pandemic, growing a garden and looking after my little ones means there isn’t much time to pause. After a few frustrating weeks, I took the pressure off myself and decided to flow at a more summer appropriate pace. Guess what? The summer holiday feeling kicked in, in just a few days. Summer is a time where I like to gather my thoughts, ideas and inspiration. Returning home from days out with pockets full of treasure from the beach, the woods orfinding shops which sell random old things –  fills me up in the best possible way.

We have some much needed time off coming up and I’m ready to get stuck into some magazines and books, perhaps a start a little sewing project and maybe just rest and stare at the sky. For today’s post I wanted to share a couple of personal projects I’ve had on the go this last year. A sketchbook that I made and filled with silk ribbon experiments and ideas that really got my cut flower business off the ground and a few treasures I made in deep January saved with a summer holiday in mind . The bracelets are based on this tutorial and necklace based on this one. I’ve haven’t purchased anything new just continued to use up my craft stash.

I hope you have a good rest of summer, for a creative mind slowing down can be the hardest work but I always feel so restored once I’ve eased off the doing for a few weeks.

Sketchbook pages
  • Summer Holiday sketchbook ideas
  • Summer Jewellery Making Projects
  • Take time to create this summer
Pressed flower sketchbook
Pressed anemones
  • Beaded Necklace tutorial
  • Summer beaded necklace
  • Button Bracelet Details


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