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A photo filled post today as I feel like we could all do with a little uplift. A week ago I had the pleasure of running a strawflower workshop at home in my dining room. Following the success of my Christmas crafting workshop I wanted to run a class that covered a few different elements, an early strawflower workshop was just the ticket. We started the session with wreath and garland making using my homegrown strawflowers plus a few other goodies I sourced.

I’m hoping that as I expand these workshops I will be able to use all homegrown flowers and foliage but for this class I sourced some really beautiful english grown oats, lavender and larkspur to compliment my flowers. For the last part I invited anyone that wanted, to sow their own strawflowers for the summer ahead. I love the complete cycle that nature gives us, from tiny seeds to abundant blooms that we can harvest, re-sow and keep all year round. I really wanted to cultivate and share the feeling of completeness that growing and using flowers give me.

I’d always envisioned my dining room as a place of creativity and joy and during the workshop it was just that. I had such a lovely mix of ladies with a joint love of all things floral – the room buzzed with the sound of happy making and me going “ooh that’s so beautiful”. And it was beautiful, every time I saw the table from a different angle there was another unintentional vignette full of gorgeous colours and textures. I reinstalled my Christmas display just to show how versatile these wonderful flowers really are. With the help of my mum (thanks mum!) I made sure everyone was feed and watered with tea, coffee and homemade chocolate cake throughout the morning (post on that coming soon).

In the light of the worlds health, it think it’s even more important to take time to do simple activities that nourish our souls. Anytime spent with nature whether that be creating a simple flatlay photograph or making a wreath is time well spent. I’ve always said that busy hands, quieten the mind and as everyone said their goodbyes (at a safe distance ;-)) with their glorious creations the feeling of uplift and cheer from a morning spent in super company has kept me buoyant all week.

As always I want to thank everyone who attended from the bottom of my heart, you always make the workshops what they are. Once I’ve grown more flowers I will definitely be running more of these strawflower workshops, so keep an eye out for dates. Once we’re allowed to socialise again, I’m happy to run a workshop on any tutorial you see on here for anyone from small groups to corporate workshops, all you need is a spark of creative curiosity and I can sort the rest. Happy Making and I’ll leave some links to some floral tutorials at the end of the post! x



















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