July has definitely been much quieter then June. The natural pause has given me time to make sure the late summer crops have all been planted out. Zinnia, Cosmos, Sun Flowers and Amaranth are all bulking up ready for a late summer crop.

With the much needed summer holidays within touching distance, the pause has given me time to look at my home. Being the worlds messiest person, the floral debris that follows me around wears thin on stressful days. I have been trying to give me home a good sort out in prep for the holidays but also because it makes the home a much nicer place to be. I started in in the lounge/living room/ front room – what’s the correct term these days? And zig-zagged around the house ever since!

First stop was replacing the Ektorp sofa cover. Over the years the once white covers have taken on some strange colours. I replaced them with a mauve velvet found on Etsy by Petbitat Studio. I ordered samples (they have a great selection of cottons, linens and velvets) before going with number velvet 46. It’s definitely made the sofa feel a lot more decadent and the quality is great but not intimidating – ideal for a messy family. I found the sofa secondhand ten years ago and is still holding up really well despite heavy use.

For the mantle I cleared the finished stems and vases that gather week on week. Replacing them with a few smaller, single stem vases from my increasing collection. I placed either a single stem or a group of three depending on the vase for a gentle and wild look. Layered in front of a mirror immediately doubles the amount flowers you have. Once the Lego and dolls clothes had been put into their baskets (FB marketplace has been a goldmine) and the floor vacuumed, the room felt light and airy once more. I was even tempted to sit and have a cup of tea. I love how flowers give a space such a lovely energy and make it feel alive РI  should really add more to those forgotten spots.

If you are looking for locally grown British flowers in Leigh-on-Sea, I’ve got them. Please get in touch for all your flower needs.

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