Despite not being in the garden as much as I would like, I have been having some really full flower days and picking up the most wonderful new work. I’m a huge believer in taking tiny steps whenever you can to build your dream because those tiny steps add up, September has certainly proved that to me.

Through a lovely customer, I made contact with another local business – Food by John Lawson. Specialising in serving the best local produce, I’m delighted to be serving my locally grown flowers alongside their delicious sounding menu. Simple bud vases for the tables and a gorgeous jam jar of blooms for the toilet.

I’m about to start on my third week of flowers and really enjoying the brief. The eight simple bud vases make me reign in my want for all the flowers, giving me a chance to focus on the very best of the week. Last weeks Bay and Verbena Bonariensis smelt so good, I didn’t realise what a gentle scent the Verbena had until I grouped the vases together. Minimal (in a good way) tables mean I get to add a bit more to the flowers for the loo. I’ve been having fun playing about with the edibles in my garden using tomatoes and sage mixed in with seasonal treasures such a the most golden sunflowers and dahlias which have finally begun flowering.

I’m really curious about what I can grow more of in the garden, the balance between edible and beautiful is one I’m really looking forward to exploring. I added lots of new herbs to my beds over the summer and had a really fantastic crop of marshmallow during July. There is a whole world of plants, flowers and herbs out there to support and nourish our wellbeing, this new work has really sparked my creativity and I cannot wait to delve in deeper as the months draw in and research new ideas for next year’s cutting garden.

If you are lucky enough to be heading there for dinner I hope you enjoy the blooms as much as I’ve enjoyed putting them together.

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