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Floral candle tutorial

A sweet and simple DIY today, if you press flowers and have a lot of empty candle jars, I have the tutorial for you. These charming pressed flower candle holders are easy to make and reignite a love of Mod Podge !

There have been a few tantalizing glimpses of spring in the garden, my cherry blossom is in full bloom and bright yellow daffodils starting to bob their cheery yellow heads. Most exciting off all are the first anemones waking from their winter sleep. As you may know I love flowers and will try any way I can to capture their beauty. Last year I bought two little flower presses and put them to work throughout the spring and summer, my little ones loved it and there is a strange satisfaction in feeling the squish of blooms.

Anemones make really great pressed flowers, their open blooms are perfect and their petals take on a delicate paper like quality, it’s easy to get carried away. Come mid winter when there are flowers falling out of forgotten book pages and you rediscover the flower press, it’s time to find a good use for them. These candle holders are perfect for making the house feel cosy whilst waiting for the first flowers to bloom.

Pressed flower tealight holder materials
how to make a pressed flower tealight holder
Making a DIY floral tealight holder

You’ll need – Empty candle jars, I save and reuse the “hotel’ candle jars and reed diffuser bottles from Aldi & Lidl, Mod Podge, pressed flowers, you can get microwave flower presses if you are in a hurry , a small paint brush and a cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover.

Step 1 – First make sure all jars are really clean and sparkling. Decide on your blooms, have a play and see what looks good around the jar.

Step 2 – Apply a thin-ish layer of Mod Podge to the back of each flower and stick to the outside of the jar. You might need to press down on each flower for a few seconds to fix into place.

Step 3 – Leave to dry. Once dry clean up any glue around the flowers with the nail varnish remover and cotton bud.

Step 4 – Add tealights or if using a bottle add a tapered candle.

Floral tealight holder
  • Anemone tealight holder
  • Spring inspired tealight holder
Handmade floral tealight holder
pressed flowers on silk

I think these would look so good scattered down the length of a celebration table mixed in with the real flowers and beautiful candles like these beauts from a lovely local-to-me company Orna Handpainter or even on a large scale vase to create a meadow effect. They do use more flowers than you think so really over do it when it comes to pressing. It’s a simple and satisfying project this one,  I hope you give it a try. Happy Making! x

floral tealights
pressed flower tealight holder DIY


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  • Claire Chalcraft

    What a great website Charlotte! I love it. Well done to you and your team. The pressed flowers look fantastic on the candle holders. Best of luck with everything.
    Claire xx

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