Pastel Beach huts and Summer Days

21st July 2020 , ,


I thought these beach huts at West Mersea would be a fitting celebration to start the summer holidays with. I don’t know if its because this is Stanley’s last summer before he starts school or days out and human company feel like such a treat but I’m really looking forward to the months ahead.

Getting prepared for the holidays is much about the right mindset as it is about getting the calendar full of activities. I used to always worry that I didn’t have enough going on for my little ones but if this year has taught me anything, it’s, I have all I need to survive (and so do you!). I’ve stocked up on a few new craft supplies for Milly who loves to draw and ordered Stanley half a kilo of Lego wheels as he’s really got into building lately, the rest I’m letting the weather and daily moods decide.

For me, the pace of lockdown really suited my creativity. Without the pressure of having to be anywhere I was able to pursue different avenues of thought and came up with ideas and plans better than I could have imagined. I’m really looking forward to getting some sewing on the go (I have a gorgeous embroidery post lined up to inspire you), exploring natural dying (see this post about fabric dyed flowers) and simply seeing where the weeks take me. Whilst this can all sound a bit dreamy, giving yourself and children space is so important for learning and development. Constant noise drowns out our instincts and connection to what makes us truly happy. If you have a chance give yourself some time and space to let your mind wander, it’s the best adventure you’ll have this summer.

Although talking of busy, I’d also like to redecorate Stanley’s room but that might be pushing it…

Enjoy these photo’s if you can make it to West Mersea, do. It’s such a pretty place.












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