Marrakech is one of these places that has a part of my soul. My husband and I went many years ago and we still talk about it…mainly about the breakfasts! From breakfasts to buildings it’s constantly influenced me ever since. Last year as we started to live with some normality following covid my friend and I started to plan a trip. We’ve spent a lot of time during our friendship talking about it, sharing things we’ve seen and thought it was about time to actually go there, together.

It’s taken me a year to get my photo’s edited – it was such an amazing trip I wanted to savour and process before putting photos out there. There’s not a day gone by since my return that I haven’t thought about or been encouraged by a wonderful few days and all we saw and experienced…

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  • Riad_up_Breakfast
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  • La_famille_seating

Where we stayed and a few favourite places to eat

We stayed really close to the souks in Riad Up. It was simply decorated and had lovely collections of pots and plants dotted around. The breakfasts were delicious and roof top had plenty of space to relax. I loved the pool which felt heavenly after a day shopping. We shared a room between three and had plenty of space for our things and to get ready. The great thing about Riads is the room to spread out around the building, from hidden seating nooks to full on day beds. I love how they feel like a very nice home rather than a stuffy bland hotel.

When I visited Marrakech with my husband we split our time between two Riad’s which was a great way to experience and see different parts of the city.

The first day was the best for food, we kicked off our trip with lunch at La Famille. Everything about it was amazing, the food, the decor, the ambiance – if I could only have lunch in one place ever again. La Famille would be it! They also have a shop which I regret not making more of. It’s five minutes from Riad Up which makes it a perfect pairing.

If you love  Moroccan style, being able to eat in a different Riad every night makes a trip so special. My tip would spend a bit of time on social media and let yourself fall down a rabbit hole of Riad’s. Find the ones that make your heart sing and try and have dinner in those, dinner above the city is always a good idea.

  • Marrakech_Roof_top
  • Morning_in_Marrakech
  • In_the_Souk
  • Basket_Souk
  • Woven_Stools
  • Moroccan_Doorway
  • Chairs_Marrakech

Souks and Shopping

We mainly went to shop the souks – baskets, lampshades, cushion covers, rugs, ceramics, glassware, nothing was off limits. Surprisingly our bags weren’t as bulging as we thought they’d be on our return – we keep remembering bowls we should have bought. Anyway, bartering made sure we were 100% committed to each purchase and everything I came home with keeps bringing the joy. If you love Moroccan interiors then the souks are like paradise, I’d recommend doing a little research before you travel to get a feel for prices and and styles you like as it get can intense when you barter.  Going into a shop with some idea of price will make the experience a lot more enjoyable and be prepared to walk away if you are not happy with the final price. Sometimes you get lucky and the shop keeper will come and find you and give you your best price other times you walk away empty handed…its all part of the experience.

If you don’t have long or the souks are too much I’d recommend starting at Cafe Des Epices. Situated on a (very hot) square selling baskets, hats and all sorts of woven things, it has a great selection of handmade shops around the edge which will give you a good overview of what’s on offer. With Cafe Des Epices on your left take the first entrance into the rug souk and then keep baring left, you’ll end up doing a good loop without seeing anything too grizzly! I’d also recommend getting data on your phone, my phone never works in the UK give me a souk and I can google map my way around no problem!

  • Rose_garden
  • Dreams
  • Behldi_carpets
  • Behldi_Petals

For a slice of Heaven on Earth

My friend had warned me I’d cry when I saw the Beldi Club and she wasn’t wrong. It has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. We went for a day to use the pool, visit the garden, have a look in Chabi Chic and for lunch. Luckily we got there as soon as visitors were allowed in so we had the gardens to ourselves for a bit. It did get really busy by the beautiful pool so I’m glad we got to see it without people first. There was so much I adored, from fallen petals to the huge rose garden but what moved me was how connected to nature everything felt. I’m sure there was a lot happening behind the scenes to make it feel like paradise but as a visitor who’d spent two years inside with small people and Disney+ on repeat, paradise is what it felt.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, travel and experiencing new places will always be a constant love of mine and I’m so grateful it can share it with you.


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