It feels a little bittersweet writing this post, I can’t believe the fresh flowers for the year are all wrapped up* and my flower stalls for the year are done. *Well not completely, there is still quite a bit flowering away in the garden despite it being November.

The last stall wasn’t as I expected if I’m being honest. For the only time this year I didn’t sell a single jar (a big sob from me and my ego!) and some not great feedback from a passerby left me feeling pretty downtrodden. When I entered my first year of flower farming my intention was to throw everything at it and experience the highs and lows. There have been too many highs to list (but I will in the next paragraph) so maybe I needed a low. I’m a huge believer in looking for the lessons when things don’t go to plan and my one down day has given me much to ponder this winter which I’m hoping will lead to an even better growing year next year.

The highs have been numerous, of course the flowers have to be number one. Getting a good harvest and selling out week after week has been amazing. Reaching the flower farming utopia of long stems and an even longer vase life means I’m actually doing something right! In very close second place are the absolutely wonderful people that have turned up at my door for their jars of joy. I’m thinking my tagline should be – flowers for wild hearts and warm personalities – every single person has been a treat to sell too and seeing first hand how flowers and the beauty the Earth gives us has caused many a happy tear to flow. Spots 3 – 100 could be filled with all the life lessons nature has taught me but finishing the year with my VERY FIRST WEDDING booking makes me go all tingly and give a little squeal!

I’ll let you enjoy the photos but before I go… I want to thank every single person who has popped by for flowers, I can’t thank you enough for your support – you don’t know how much it means to me. It’s  been an awesome year and one I definitely want to do again. Sending you all so much love, Lotts xx

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