I know, I know…Christmas has just passed BUT December was a write-off for me and I really wanted to share these simple cracker gifts with you all. If you start collecting loo rolls now – you’ll be all set for next year so it’s win win really!

I’ve seen this Christmas craft done a few times over the years but crackers don’t have to be for Christmas only – you could easily theme them for valentines day or make sweet gingham versions for Easter, it’s all coming up. They are easy to make, I made these with my four year old and she loved to colour coordinate the bubble bath with the chocolates we put inside. The gift choice is endless from chocolate buttons to diamond rings (!) if the gift fits, pop it in. Here’s how we made them…

Step 1. Take a piece of fabric wide enough the wrap around the toilet roll with about 1cm spare and 6 inches/14cm longer than the tube (these are rough measurements).

Step 2. Place the roll on the edge but in the centre of the fabric, wrap the fabric around the roll and secure with either hot glue or double sided tape. Make sure you glue/tape the wrong side of the fabric so the join can’t be seen.

Step 3. Take a length of ribbon, wrap and fasten one end of the ‘cracker’. Then fill with treats.

Step 4. Take another length of ribbon, wrap and fasten as before.

We gave these to the preschool teachers so added labels tucked inside the ends. For Christmas we did something similar using actual crackers adding fabric and embellishments to the outside and a few portraits of the intended recipients my six year old drew!

All the fabric and ribbon came from my craft stash, I would most definitely recommend having a look at what you have before buying anything new. It’s a perfect project for using up bits and pieces that need moving on.

recycled fabric christmas crackers
  • velvet ribbon crackers
  • velvet crackers
Recycled Christmas Crackers
preschool teacher gifts
Fabric Christmas Crackers
christmas table
simple Christmas Cracker DIY


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