The details of Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve, it comes around SO fast! Do you have lots on your to do list? As soon as I’ve published this post I’m heading into the kitchen for some baking and table laying. But first I wanted to share a few bits and pieces from December. I always think I’m going to get loads written but the reality of daily life takes over and it’s always just a few snatched moments of festive fun.

We’ve been able to host our Friends Christmas which gives us a chance to have a practice for the big day. I’ve been adding decorations as the weeks pass – I loved making these fresh foliage decorations for a local restaurant and a few for my kitchen windows. It’s been a gentle December and I’m looking forward to the ‘big day’ tomorrow using it as a sign to slow down, snuggle under a duvet and recoup for next year.

If you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful time. xx

  • Willow_shapes
  • Foliage_decorations
  • Christmas_candle_detail
  • Christmas_table
  • Bunches_of_Bay_Leaves
  • Flower_bunches


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