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Do you believe fate? I definitely believe in it, sometimes the universe aligns just when you need it too. Shortly after posting the above photo on Instagram and having a fabulous conversation about the joy of colour, an email landed in my inbox letting me know about Habitat’s latest competition to win a Habitat sofa of your dreams. I knew I needed to enter, my sofa has taken a battering over the last four years since having children, hours of feeding tiny babies have given way to it being used as ‘soft play’ whenever my back is turned.

It’s tired, grubby and squashy in the middle (a bit like me somedays ;-)). I would love an upgrade, something dreamy in velvet would be my ideal choice, as I can’t slip a sofa onto my weekly food shop entering this competition is my most viable option of getting the sofa of my dreams anytime soon. Any blogger can enter – all you need to do is write a post on what timeless style means to you.

This brings me neatly back to the question I posted on Instagram… Are you a colour lover or a fan of neutrals? For me timeless style always starts with colour, surrounding myself with colours that I love is the basis for a happy home – I favour a gentle palette of soft greens, mauves and off whites mixed with yellow, turquoise and pink (always pink!).

When choosing a colour for a room I always look at the light, watching how it changes throughout the day and how it flows with whats going on outside. I then ask ‘what feeling do I want the room to have?’ do I want to room to feel vibrant and energetic or soft, gentle and calming. Most of our rooms are relaxing spaces, like the living room and bedrooms, so the colours in each of those rooms are gentle. Where as our dining room, which is used for entertaining is brighter and more vibrant. It can take a while to find ‘the colour’ but when you do it gives the room its energy and creates the perfect backdrop for the furniture and accessories.

When it comes to furniture it’s the big ticket items like dining tables, sofa’s and beds that give the room its purpose but also where choosing a timeless style is really important. Everyone’s take on timeless style will be different but for me it’s buying pieces which have a wholesome handmade quality, sumptuous curves or if I’m buying secondhand, a tale to tell. Here head will have to rule heart (I’m thinking, getting the right size dining table for a room or buying a sofa that will fit through the door) but for research, I searched Habitat for pink velvet sofa‘s and my heart nearly burst!

Talking of heart bursting, after finding the right colour for your walls and settling on that timeless piece the room needs – finding the accessories you love will make a house a home. I’m a collector and love nothing more than rummaging in charity shops, rooting through boxes at brocantes and nosing in skips all to find ‘treasure’. I adorn walls with my favourite finds – gathering vingettes on little shelves, framing fabrics and hanging plates.

When I speak to people, it’s here that they lose confidence but I say following your heart is the best guide and only buy what you love, no matter how random. I tend to group my collections with a loose colour theme to fit the room but I’m so inspired by country houses, who adorn walls with absolute abandon, I’m trying to be braver and keep adding.

The final key element in creating a timeless style is finishing each room with a fresh natural element. If you know me or follow me on Instagram then you’ll know that I love to grow flowers. Whilst houseplants aren’t really my thing (I think they look great but I just can’t keep them alive) I love mantlepieces and cupboard tops overflowing with seasonal colour. Popped into vases and jars they change with the seasons and give a room vibrancy, that only nature can.

I’ve really loved writing this post, it’s given me lots of inspiration for others as well as a wish list as long as my arm. The accompanying images are of my dinning room and kitchen captured during a floral moment this summer. I’ve added links to all my kitchen and dining room posts below if you’re interested in seeing how I created these rooms. Kitchen Makeover Dining room before and after Dining room details Picking the perfect paint








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  • Claire Chalcraft

    I loved reading your post Charlotte and am crossing my fingers for you in the Habitat competition – you would definitely get my vote and have even inspired me to go and have another look around Habitat – used to love picking up favourite timeless pieces there. Time to get back to timeless style chez moi I reckon!

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