Watercolour & Gold Honeycomb Ball Table Decoration


You might have guessed by now – I LOVE laying tables! As part of the set up for my Alice and Rosa Celebration Table shoot I wanted to create a table topper that was beautiful, light and gentle but could also create a statement.

The key when setting up a celebration table, especially when you have young children, is get as much prepared in advance, so on the day all that you need to do is combine the elements and enjoy it. Having a pre made decoration really helps with getting the set up complete as quickly as possible. I made this during three nap times (which is probably about three solid hours) and really wanted to challenge myself to create a new and really special DIY for my blog. My days are mainly spent “mum-ing” which I adore but once in a while I get an urge to sit down and create something that needs be done in more than a few snatched minutes around childcare.

As part of the shoot I researched and planned all elements (more on planning projects soon) and allocated my time to make this accordingly, as a result it came together really quickly and I am so happy with how it turned out. Not only did it compliment the the stunning cakes it added another layer to table. I’ll run through the loose steps below but I think these should be one-of-a-kind so please take inspiration from this one and have fun creating your own. Happy Making! xx


Using a mix of white honeycomb balls, paper fans and tissue tassels (I used two packs of each) – delicately paint the edges in your choice of watercolours and leave to dry. Make sure you keep a few decorations plain.


To assemble make a “swoosh” shape using chicken wire and wrap with a ribbon of plain cotton or a colour to match your decorations. Start to layer your decorations, I used a hot glue gun fix. I added my flat decorations first then the paper fans and honeycomb balls and then finished with the tassels. I used the following gold decorations, kindly provided by my the lovely ladies at OtherLettersGold Scallop Glitter Garland, Foil Garland, Gold Stars and some of these Pink Ombre Pin Wheels (which are the best!). I also added a few pennies at the base to make sure it hung downwards.


I painted two lengths of dowling rod white (mine was from a local wood yard) – your table set up will determine the length of the dowling. Insert into the gaps in the chicken wire and then place into two glass bottles or jars to stand.







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