Three ways with autumn apples

3rd October 2019 , ,


Talk about seasonal conundrum, my sister went on holiday last week and left me with a basket of cooking apples which I wasn’t sure what to do with. They looked beautiful and smelt amazing but I felt bad letting natures work go to waste – I spent the week chopping, bubbling and baking. If you’re faced with a similar seasonal dilemma here’s a few recipes I found to get you through your autumn apple haul.

Fig and Apple Chutney – I’ve never made chutney before, I made three times the amount the recipe suggests as there were figs on offer at the supermarket. I filled sterilised jars (gathered from my other sister) ready for the festive season.

Apple Crumble – When life gives you apples, make crumble. From doing a bit of research I found that you can freeze crumble but you need to freeze the top and filling separately. I used about 10 apples and three tablespoons of sugar (I did a mix of caster and light brown). I used most of the filling for a crumble for four but have two individual portions saved for another day. The recipe I’ve linked to was delish, especially served with custard.

Apple Sauce – I always remember my Dad making apple sauce with the apples from his garden. With the last apples I decided to make him his own jar, I stuck to recipe with this one and had enough to fill a small jar. Now all I need him to do is cook me a roast to go with it ;-)!

I’m not great with the season change from summer to autumn but I really enjoyed making the most of our harvest. Leaning in to all that a season has is the best way to get through – next stop pumpkins!








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