It’s been a funny year to grow flowers in, freezing cold, boiling hot and then wet, wet, wet! I was sitting in the garden just before the schools finished for the summer and realised the haze of summer had arrived. In the rush of balancing motherhood and growing my flower business I had forgotten to look up and take it all in. In darkest winter there’s a point when a flowering garden feels unreal and unbelievable, six months later there it all is, full and abundant. I grabbed my camera and made sure I captured it in the bright morning sunlight.

Each year a different flower takes centre stage and this summer its the gorgeous Scabiosa. I started these from my own seed in the autumn and they begun flowering like clockwork early July. One of the many things I adore about them is not only the long vase life but their ability to keep flowering well into autumn and even into the following summer. They give every arrangement a joyful playfulness. It’s hard to pick a favourite colour, the soft sorbet tones keep things feminine but the rich purple tones add a mystery and depth. Luckily I don’t have to pick because they are all flowering happily together and I’m adding them to everything.

  • July_Greenhouse_Garden
  • Summer_Wreath
  • Scabiosa_July_Flowering
  • Scabiosa_Patch
  • Summer_Cut_Flower_beds
  • Cut_Flower_Garden


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