For this post I really just want to write…Roses blooming in September, enjoy! but I’ll give you a little more.

As the summer holidays came to close, the garden which gets put on the back burner during August, gave me the gift of all my David Austin Roses flowering at once – THANK YOU! A cold start to the season meant they were slow to get going then a hot spell in June meant they finished flowering quicker than usual. During their down time I gave them all a deadhead and feed, that and a combination of  summer rain has given me the most beautiful second flush of flowers.

Time to record and photograph has been slim lately but I had to take half an hour to gather and photograph my rose collection. I’ve been adding roses to the garden every year, usually buying bare root plants in the Autumn. They have taken a few years to get established – this year I feel like they have really got into their stride. I wanted to capture their colours so have photographed in colour order and I hope it may give you some inspiration if you are wanting to add a rose or two to your cutting garden.


Claire Austin –  A classic white rose with hints of buff in the centre. It wants to climb so needs plenty of support

Wollerton Old Hall – This grows a parchment white in my garden. I love the cupped flower heads and scalloped shaped petals.

Yellow & Peach

Charlotte – Unfortunately this has been discontinued but I’d definitely make space for a yellow rose in your collection. Something soft and buttery looks so pretty mixed in with blue in early summer and corals and oranges in the autumn.

Grace – If I could choose just one rose to grow this would be it. The softest peachy shade which flowers throughout the summer. Each of its petals looks like they have been cut by hand.


The Albrighton Rambler – This took a while to get going but now it’s the prettiest rambling rose. The flowers are a small but perfectly formed vintage petticoat pink colour.

The Lady of the Lake – A soft peachy pink rambler which I always think of as my “Milly Rose” as I bought it the day I had my first scan with my daughter. Like my little one it’s sweet, wild and playful and flowers throughout the summer. I use its foliage a lot in bouquets and has been invaluable in my funeral work.

Wisley – I added a few classic pink roses to my garden but this one is a favourite. When my Gran was here, she organised coach trips for our local RHS group and I remember visiting Wisley with her, whenever I see this rose I think of my Gran.

Queen of Sweden – This rose is SO good for bouquets, a cool pink with super straight stems. If I had space, I’d definitely add many more of these.

Eustacia Vye – If you want your rose to smell like a rose get this one. I love its gorgeous rich pink petals and heavenly fragrance.

Boscobel – Another favourite! This time a gorgeous coral pink rose with all the romantic ruffles. Everytime it flowers it changes tone slightly and looks perfect just as it fades and the petals are about to drop.

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  • Charlotte_David_Austin_Roses
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