The Basics of Gift Wrapping – One Present, Two Ways


For the all different gift wrapping posts I’ve written over the years I don’t think I’ve ever written one about the basics of gift wrapping. Time to change that and show you how you can create two different styles of wrapping with the same base paper. I went for a leopard print base as leopard is a neutral in my book but brown paper would work just as well as an alternative. I’ve put all the steps below, happy wrapping! x


Before I start I love to pull all my materials together so I have everything to hand and can create a mini moodboard of colours – here I have a mix of papers from my stash (re use wherever you can), tissue paper, ribbon wire and essential double sided tape.


For anything squishy or odd shaped I’ll pop in a box, it makes the final finish look more polished. I keep a stash of small boxes on hand for this reason. You can of course buy a gift box but I really try to use up what I have.

To wrap, fold your paper around the gift and cut off any extra paper. You want a 5cm strip onto the present and the straight edge to wrap around and over so that it finishes flush with the edge of the present. Depending on the size, the two “end” edges only need to be about the same depth as the depth of the present (if you’re unsure keep them longer and cut them shorter when you get to that part).

Add a length of double sided tape to the straight side.


Fold and wrap the paper around the present and stick into place with the double sided tape. For the short ends fold the paper in so it looks like an envelope but without the point. Cut straight across and add another line of double sided tape, remove the backing and stick into place, this should reach the edge and not fold over onto the present. Now the base is complete its time to get onto decorating.


To finish I wrapped a piece of chiffon around the present securing in a single knot, I then added small lengths of chiffon, ribbons and trimmings to the centre and secured with another knot. I love wrapping this way, it creates a really sumptuous, romantic and squishy bow.




For this colourful version, I layered scraps of tissue and wrapping paper around the present. I tend to work off centre as that looks better to me, but if you like things symmetrical then go for the centre. I fasten everything at the back with double sided tape.

Every present needs a bow, I fastened a length of metallic ribbon to the centre in double knot. Then made a small posey of strawflowers and secured them onto the present with a bow, cutting off any extra ribbon length to finish (here’s a post on how to tie a bow). Straw flowers are the best as they don’t wilt – any other dried flower or seed head would also look fab.




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