Thank You Flowers

There are some weeks I’ve come to notice when building a Flower Farm that take you the next step along your path. The last week of term was one of those. Each school run was accompanied by a trug full of flowers as so many fellow mama’s put their trust in me and ordered ALL the flowers. From sweet jam jars to mighty bouquets, each order sung with the joy of the seasons.

The orders had gently rolled in since early May so I knew it’d be a busy week of blooms. In preparation I’d cleared the sneaky weeds and made sure everything was well watered and looking happy in the beds. Snap Dragons, Scabiosa, Orach, Ammi (not majus!) and a Queen of Sweden rose pulled out all the stops and delivered the most fabulous selection seasonal flowers. I took so much pride in delivering each order, showing the flowers in real life makes such a difference to how others view them – they give off a vibration that simply makes people happy and feel loved.

To celebrate my achievement, the next step was to finally sign up to Flowers From The Farm, a collective of British¬† flower farmers throughout the U.K. I’d always held back because I’d wanted to feel ‘ready’, finally the moment was there and I took the leap. Life can get busy and I want to make sure I mark the milestones in my journey, this¬† week definitely felt one step closer to my flower field of dreams.

You can find my profile here.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been buying flowers this year, each order really does mean so much. xx


Bountiful July flowers
  • Yellow Thank You Flowers
  • Pink Teacher Flowers
  • Mauve Teacher Flowers
July deep toned flowers
july pastel flowers
  • july details
  • July Jam Jar Flowers
British Grown Flowers
  • Trug filled with flowers
  • David Austin Roses
Bouquets of flowers
  • orach
  • Jam Jar Details
Julu Scabiosa
English Roses


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