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As I type this post, the birds are singing and I have my backdoors wide open. It finally feels like spring is here and what better way to celebrate than hosting a garden party. I am delighted to be bringing you this styled celebration table today with the help of my friends at Talking Tables. They recently got in touch to see if I would style a table with the garden in mind to bring attention to their latest collaboration with the National Garden Scheme. Their aim is to encourage people to join in and celebrate their gardens to raise funds for nursing and health charities in the UK and will be donating 5% from all sales of their Truly Scrumptious ranges.

If you have followed my blog or on instagram for any length of time you will know how much my garden means to me. It has provided so much comfort and inspiration to me over the years and continues to provide daily delights. I wanted to set this table up in the heart of my cutting garden, there is a hum of good energy as the trees have begun to blossom and flower beds are filling up with my lovingly nurtured seedlings. With no time to waste I set the table in a really relaxed way, I wanted to reflect the kind of table I would set for friends. Pretty tablecloths, darling vases, cakes still warm from the oven and the freshest flowers picked straight from the beds around me.

I chose the Truly Fairy Afternoon Tea Party Set as I knew Milly would LOVE it (she does). It’s a complete set full of all your table laying essentials –  paper tablecloth, cups, plates, napkins, butterfly bunting and even fairy lights! It’s perfect for the garden or park, alike, anything that makes life beautiful and simple is good for me!

  • Truly_Fairy_Garden_Party
  • Butterfly_Bunting

To style, I really wanted a chippy old table but couldn’t find what I was looking for so instead dug out the camping table. Great for camping but not my vision, I covered the practical table with a green cotton tablecloth, it’s always worth investing in a classic tablecloth, this linen one would be a great alternative to the green one I used from my collection. I always put a tablecloth on any table I’m laying, it provides a fresh backdrop for all the great details that can then be added on top. Once the base cloth was down I topped the table with the Truly Fairy cloth, the details are just gorgeous, I love how the border fades into the centre allowing all the other tableware pieces to have their time to shine.

I then placed the bigger items onto the table – the cakestand and large vase found their homes slightly off centre. Followed by the beautiful candlesticks and bud vases. In my opinion you can never have too many candlesticks, they work across all seasons and celebrations. If you don’t collect candlesticks like me, these boho spice candlesticks would be a great place to start. The soft green is SO complimentary and would work in SO many different settings, I added these amazing ESH twirl candles to make them extra special.

Whilst we’re talking about special, I shrieked with joy when I pulled the bud vases out of their boxes. If I was to describe my ideal vase, these would be it. They are perfect for displaying the most special blooms from the garden, I added my very first ranunculus which after a tense winter and spring deserved only the best vase to showcase their beauty. When it comes to vases and vessels I love to play with proportions and textures and added some vintage lassi cups to hold the fairy sized flowers dotted around the table.

To finish the table on went the plates, napkins and cups. The detail on each is just lovely and I wanted to make sure it was appreciated. Again I went off centre mixing the plates and napkins for the full fairy effect finishing everything with the sweet butterfly detail to tie the tablecloth in with the butterfly bunting. I had some papermache fairy wands in my stash and could imagine them being used as a sweet craft activity for any tiny fairies you may have at your table. I would set out jewels, sequins, ribbons and if you’re feeling brave paint (maybe not?!) and let little ones make their own magic whilst you dig in to the tea and cake.

  • Truly_Fairy_Bud_Vase
  • Ranunculus_Spring_Table

I knew I wanted this table to be in the very heart of my cut flower garden, nestled in amoungst the seedlings and flower pots. From now until the first frosts each week the garden will be full of seasonal beauty which should be shared and enjoyed. Flowers are the perfect way to finish a table and bring in the seasons whatever party range you decide on.  If you don’t have a fully flourishing cutting garden to hand (don’t worry there’s still time to get planting) have a look in your local area for growers. Flowers from the Farm is a great resource – unless you live in Leigh-on-Sea, in which case just get in touch. No two weeks will ever be the same guaranteeing a unique table every time.

With the summer beginning to unfurl before us there is no better time to set the table and gather your favourite fairies in your garden, after the year we’ve all had it is even more important to make and celebrate the beauty in the everyday.

A huge thanks to Talking Tables for the tableware, candlesticks and vases. Styling, photography, fresh flowers all me.

  • Talking_Tables_Fairy_Party
  • Spring_Celebration_table_in_the_garden


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