Styling with Strawflowers


A quick post today as Christmas is fast approaching – I wanted to share some of the ideas I used in the second festive table styling set up I demonstrated at my workshop. This one a little darker and moodier (which was hard to create in my extra bright craft room on a bizarrely light day) than the first one I shared.

With an abundance of strawflowers, I made little bunches that included flowers (obvs), foliage and grasses from the garden, I placed them in small vases (these are empty air freshener bottles) and finished with hand dyed silk ribbon. Mixed with brass candlesticks and darker tones this set up would look so good if you have inky toned walls to play with.

If the only place you’re foraging between now and Christmas is the supermarket, head to the herb aisle and make posies out of rosemary, thyme or any other woody stemmed herb – they’ll make the table smell absolutely amazing. Don’t forget the candles, every table needs the glow of candle light to complete it.








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