Spring Wedding Flowers – Part 1

These Spring Wedding Flowers are a tale of two parts. The before and after. The first post is a few behind the scenes photos and the gorgeous final photographs. My second post will be the details of the day (stay tuned for that.)

My first wedding of the year was on Good Friday, the brief was spring flowers without it feeling like Easter. Normally I’d suggest embracing the cheerfulness of a yellow daffodil but we wanted to avoid yellow.

Instead I grew a selection of soft butter coloured narcissi (mainly for their scent), early tulips, hellebores and Amelanchier. The wet winter meant I lost a lot of the tulips I planted especially. To avoid disappointment, I supplemented my own harvest with some sweet British grown coral tulips. As a small scale grower, I am finding this route of supplementing my own flowers with some additional British grown blooms a happy compromise. However, I am still finding ways and plants to bulk up my crop and fill in gaps. The process of growing and learning never stops!

Planning, growing and creating a wedding takes around 9 months. Unless it’s a late summer or autumn wedding the flowers have to grow throughout the winter. With the unsettled climate, it can be tense for a flower grower. Too wet, too warm, a sudden March snow fall means you never quite know what will be in bloom…

British Grown Spring Wedding Flowers

As you can see what bloomed were STUNNING! I love the transformation of harvesting the flowers in the wind and most likely rain. Turning them into beautiful bouquets and table centrepieces. I don’t take many photos as I work on a wedding.  I have to focus my creative energy into making everything as wonderful as possible.  The few I have taken focus on the softness of the season, gentle spring colour with bright pops of colour. In my next post, I’ll share exactly what I created for this wedding.

Once I’ve delivered the flowers (and stopped crying!) I wait eagerly to see the final photographs. These captured by Mia Davies Photography  were worth the wait…

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  • British Grown Spring Wedding Flowers
British Grown Spring Wedding Flowers
  • Spring Wedding Flowers
  • Spring Wedding Flowers
  • Spring Wedding Flowers- Mia Davies Photography


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