Between flower life and family life things have got quieter than I’d like around here but it’s my plan this week to fill you in with all that has gone on this past few weeks.

I’m going to start with the spring flower beds…Like magic the garden filled with with glorious spring colour almost before my eyes. A really warm Easter brought out the tulips, daffodils, ranunculus and forget-me-nots with such abundance I couldn’t keep up. I ran daily flower daily flower stalls to shift the 800 bulbs I planted in the autumn. After a 2021 tulip wash out I was delighted to see so many flowers bloom. Not always the varieties I’d popped into my trolly BUT gorgeous all the same.

The tulips have now finished for the year and in their spot are snap dragons, dill, dahlia’s and larkspur which will keep us in flower until late summer. I hope you enjoy these photos, I have SO many more to share with you and of course if you need flowers I’m only a message away.

forget me nots
locally grown tulips
  • daffodils
  • forget me nots
tulips in bud
picking tulips
tulips grown in raised beds
  • apple blossom in april
  • daffodils
flowers grown in Leigh-on-Sea
tulips and ranunculus


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