The more flowers become part of my life, the more I learn about myself and the world around me. I have trodden many paths but a floral one, is the one that brings the most joy and connects me to so many wonderful people. Some don’t even know I exist – by simply reading their books or listening to a fellow gardener enthus about snap dragons on a podcast a connection is created that ricochets around the universe and joins us all. I’m so grateful I can share my journey and pass on my enthusiasm with lots of different people virtually but also in person when I sell my flowers.

To celebrate not only a new website but a new chapter as a serious flower grower, I am sponsoring a wonderful competition running over on Instagram. @Song.of.Seasons is hosted by Janice Issitt and Rachel , it’s a weekly hashtag prompt that anyone can join in,¬† this weeks theme is Easter Parade. Simply upload a gorgeous Easter inspired photo and we’ll pick our winner at the end of the week. It’s such a beautiful feed, full of seasonal inspiration.

I made this wreath especially for the competition. I have used all my homegrown flowers Рlarkspur, strawflowers, poppy seed heads, nigella. hydrangeas and a lot of grasses and finished with plenty  of my beautiful floral dyed silk ribbon, I maybe biased but it is the most lovely ribbon I have ever worked with.

I can’t wait to pass this wreath on and see your images, good luck everyone. x

Dried flower wreath with silk bow
Dried flowers and silk ribbon
  • Easter wreath
  • Easter parade inspired wreath
Homegrown wreath
  • Detail of a garden grown spring wreath
  • details of a dried flower wreath
silk ribbon and dried flower wreath


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