Small ways to get through winter

31st January 2019 ,


It’s so easy to find beauty in the abundance of summer, winter by comparison has always felt so desolate. This year I have changed my attitude to my least favourite season and discovered the magic in the delicate pockets of light and found enormous joy in the little things that only happen in the dark months. Today in old school blogging fashion I thought I’d share some of my favourite ways to beat the winter blues.

Get Outside

I’ve written this approx. 346,583 times but being outside is the best remedy for winter. Nothing beats the feeling of being wrapped up and feeling the wind on your cheeks, I swear by layers from Uniqlo – I start with a thermal vest and keep adding!

70% off

Whilst I don’t shop as nearly as often as I used too, the ends of the sales provide rich pickings for all those things you couldn’t justify full price – hello tassel earrings!

Planning the garden

I got my first pang of spring today but pacifying myself with plant lists, seeds from Lidl and a daily stroll around the garden to spot signs of life (of which there are plenty).

Reshuffle your wardrobe

By this time of year I’m so fed up with my clothes, this year I’ve eased things by putting away jumpers and tops that just aren’t right and keeping out anything brightly coloured and soft. It helps so much!

Print your photos

Use this quiet time to print off all your favourite photos. I recently used Inkififor a photobook of our family photos and then did individual prints of my favourite blog images – I couldn’t be happier with them.

Hot yoga

Cold walk, hot yoga, cold walk, warm bed, its truly blissful – try it!

Tackle that magazine stack

When it really is too grim to go outside find inspiration in all those magazine tears, I’ve yet to go through mine but cannot wait to see what treasures are hiding.

Fresh flowers

Of course I love to grow my own (see this tiny white anemone that popped up) but I gave never resist a bunch of tulips with my weekly shop ( I always by British where I can).


I almost forgot this, if 2018 was my year of no sleep I’ve been using 2019 to replenish my sleep reserves – I’m loving the heavy dark mornings (and afternoons) to cram in as many ‘Z’s’ as possible.







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