Simple Summer Bridal Bouquet

From funerals to British weddings, the summer garden is full of celebrations. This bouquet was requested by one of my regulars for the ‘official’ part of her son’s wedding.

I created a small bridal posy using early July flowers – Blackcurrant, Scabiosa, Sweet peas, Ammi Green Mist, Marshmallow, ┬áSnap dragons and a single Queen of Sweden Rose. I’m finding so many brides requesting these really pretty but almost understated bouquets from me, which I love. I fill them with the most beautiful blooms I can, earmarking flowers around the garden in the run up to the day. Knowing my flowers so well, I concentrate on picking those individual stems full of character and delight. Back in January, I planned a gentle colour palette of white, green and mauve as my back drop and have been adding different tutti-fruity seasonal shades as and when the garden gives them too me. As a result every bouquet is individual and captures a moment within the year.

If you need a flowers for the ‘official’ part of your wedding day please get in touch, I am getting booked up for big weddings but always have enough for a beautiful bouquet or two. Ideally a few weeks notice is preferred but I can always pull something together on the spur of the moment.

  • Queen_of_Sweden_Rose
  • Simple_Summer_Bouquet
  • David_Austin_Rose_Bouquet
  • Wild_Wedding_Bouquet


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