How’s lockdown life treating you? It’s been so full of extreme emotions from high highs to low lows, we were really feeling it a week or so ago, Stanley was missing his preschool friends so much – it broke my heart and tempers frayed all round. The last week has been much better and as each week passes so does my gratitude for those who work so hard to keep us safe and well.

For the first few weeks whilst I got my head around things (Dans still working in London so I’m doing full time solo childcare from 5am – 7pm) creative projects were far from my mind. As we’ve settled into our new normal I’m rediscovering the joy in forgotten projects put down years ago and not picked up and finished until now and letting my mind go and creative curiosity wander.

As part of my rediscovery I picked up my macro lens which I haven’t used for so long and took these photos. I was photographing a necklace and as I was packing everything away these homegrown flowers were on the table and looked so beautiful. Without realising which lens was what, I started snapping and fell in love with the images. I love how the the detail on the frilly and furling petals has been captured forever. I’m learning lots about the power of slowing down and filling up rather than the need to constantly push forward.

Are you picking up any old projects during lockdown – between old projects and clearing the wild corners of my home, I’ve got weeks worth of at home entertainment! Stay safe and well everyone. xx





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