Christmas DIY : A recycled wooden advent calendar and cashmere stockings

Over the years I have written hundreds of DIY tutorials. Many focusing on reusing and recycling. Christmas is a time to make magic – these recycled wooden advent calendar and cashmere stockings are two of the best.

As well as sharing new tutorials this festive season, I am looking back into my DIY archive to re-share some of my favourite Christmas DIY’s. These were made when my children were tiny and have become part of our family traditions. Milly my youngest, has become the Chief Advent Calendar Co-Ordinator. Carefully filling the little fabric bags with chocolates and ensuring that she and Stanley have exactly equal.

The calendar was made one afternoon before she was born, Stanley was only one (so small) and even from that age he loved to make and build alongside me. It was really simple to make; a piece of ply-wood left over from building work with 24 nails hammered in. A hole was drilled either side of the top corners and wire used to hang around the house. Then painted with Christmas trees. It moves position every Christmas but love how it important it has become.

Depending on your style any piece of wood could work. Rustic and chippy, a branch from the woods, driftwood from the beach, to something more modern (this isn’t my area!). As December progresses it can lose balance so an occasional re-jig needs to happen or a few more decorations added to the nails. Don’t forget the fairy lights!

How to make an Advent Calendar using wood and recycled materials
  • Wooden Christmas Advent Calendar tutorial
Alternative Advent Calendar DIY

I wanted to included this recycled cashmere stocking as part of the post today. If you are wanting to get ahead with some festive DIY’s this is a perfect tutorial. Made using an old jumper and pom pom’s it’s always a treat when this comes out the Christmas box!

A word on cashmere jumpers. I buy most of mine second hand from scouring charity shops and searching Ebay or Vinted. I don’t spend much on them, wear them for years and when they are finished they do make luxurious Christmas stockings. There are plenty more tutorials in my archive, so I will be sharing throughout November and December. If you’d like to see more check out my Pinterest Board or take a look at some of last years ideas.

  • Recycled Cashmere Jumper Stocking DIY.
  • Pom Pom recycled cashmere jumper stockings

By some magic I have found the original steps for this Cashmere Stocking Tutorial. Here they are…

Step 1. Turn your jumper upside down so the hem is facing up and neck is facing down, extend the arms. Using some paper (I used old wrapping paper) make a rough stocking shape using the arm as the foot and body seam as one side of the stocking (it saves time sewing). It can be quite homespun as the the style we’re going for. Cut the template out and pin onto the jumper.

Step 2. Using a sewing machine sew around the stocking pattern. Sewing before cutting means you reduce the chance of the jumper/stocking unraveling. Once stitched cut around the stocking shape leaving about 0.5cm from the stitching.

Step 3. Decorate! I made a few pom poms per day and did a simple blanket stitch around the top in a contrasting thread. When making pom poms keep the gathering thread long as you’ll need this for attaching them to the stocking. To attach the pom poms thread the thread (!) through onto the wrong side of the stocking and tie with a couple of knots to secure, cut off the excess thread.

Step 4. You can add a simple loop to finish but I decided to add a little extra (and again this didn’t take long).

How to make a beautiful Christmas Stocking from an old jumper.


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