Potting up Paperwhites

The worst thing, for me, about having Covid was the complete lack of energy and lethargy I found towards things – it was like someone turned out all my lights. Apart from an emergency ranunculus rescue (it’s still touch and go) I had no urge to even walk around the garden let alone plant and grow, which is very unusual.

Like with my taste and smell the urge to garden returned just after Christmas in those lovely cosy days that follow the celebration. I’d started a few paperwhite narcissi at the end of November but had 40 more bulbs to get into pots. I’ve never grown them before and am curious to explore what fresh flower options are available to me during the winter months. As Paperwhites seem to be a florist favourite I decided to give them a try. So far they couldn’t be easier, I’ve been starting mine in jam jars or cut off milk cartons on a thin layer of horticultural grit and keeping them in the dark until the shoots appear. Once the shoots appear i’ve been potting up into gravy dishes or mantle vases and keeping in the window. Every few days I top up with water (usually the water im throwing away from drink bottles or glasses that my children discard).

A week in they are growing beautifully, I’m really tempted to go on the hunt for mantle vases so I can sell some mini gardens mid feb when we really need a fresh flower fix. If you’d like to give this a go I reckon you’ve still got a few weeks to get your bulbs going.

Kitchen Gardening Potting up Paperwhites
Paperwhite bulbs in mantle vases
  • how to plant Paperwhite bulbs
  • Paperwhite narcissi bulbs
Paperwhite bulbs in a mantle vase
Indoor gardening with childrn
Forcing paperwhite bulbs


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