It’s all been happening lately, I turned 40 and the first blossom popped on the cherry tree, I know which one I was more excited to celebrate!

As part of my celebrations my best friends came to visit, since we all entered motherhood our once weekly catch ups have become much less frequent but when they do happen we want to make the most of every minute – chatting, laughing and making plans for the next. As I’ve become older time spent with the people that mean the most to me becomes so much more valuable and definitely worth celebrating.

My friends know me well and gave full permission for me to set the table, we went out for a delicious lunch followed by an evening sitting around the table listening to records. I used to get so annoyed that the ugly speakers ruined my photos but the crackle of a record can’t be beaten and I’ve learnt that the ugly speakers are a part of the table setting process and create such a cosy atmosphere. Talking of cosy, candles are an essential especially as we still have a few weeks of winter left. For this table I mixed a selection I’d kindly been sent from Talking Tables, the two tone ombr√© pink dinner candles provided the colour scheme and I then added the bright mauve from this spiral candle set¬†along with this painted candle.

For the flowers, I brought in some stems of pink blossom and new growth from my Iceberg rose (it needed a prune) and added them into a mix of glass bottles I’d been saving. The table didn’t need much but as always fresh flowers gave the table a gentle energy and made it look SO pretty. Along with the candles, I’d mixed in some previously gifted tea light holders and these new pink ones, my hand drawn napkins and vintage plates of course!

Despite the cold snap the garden is beginning to stir, if you are looking for simple locally grown flowers to make your celebration beautiful then please get in touch. I can take bookings or you can follow me on Instagram for daily updates from the garden. Making the everyday beautiful is the motto I live by and I don’t believe that making an occasion special has to cost the earth. A few stems in a vase and a couple of candles can create a subtle change in atmosphere that can take an event from ordinary to magical. I have plenty of vases, candle holders and other bits that I will happily loan plus I can work to any budget from a single stem to something more abundant. Get in touch and let’s make this year a truly special one.

My cut flower garden is officially open from April, based in the heart of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. I grown seasonal British flowers with a wild and romantic heart.


This post contains gifted items.

Late winter table styling
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blossom and candles
colourful celebration table
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Simple celebration tables


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