As I’ve only juuuuust packed the decorations away, I didn’t think it was too late to share my festive table and a few decorations with you. Because of Covid (I promise this will be the last time in talk about it) I didn’t get around to sharing or doing all my usual Christmas-y makes. Embracing the topsy turvy nature of festivities this year, we hosted a New Year’s Day dinner for friends instead of a pre-Christmas feast which turned out to be a perfect way to see in ’22.

For all my decorations this year I challenged myself to use up what I already had but worked them in a new way. The garden and growing flowers has given me a new appreciation to how long things take to come about – as everything we consume comes from the Earth I feel more responsible than ever to make use of what I already own before buying new.  These were a mix of  favourites used all year round, handmade and vintage – I love to throw it all together and see what happens.

If you’ve been here a while you’ll know I that setting a table is one of my greatest pleasures. With a busy backdrop, I kept the main table fairly simple. I used blush tablecloths (although I have a feeling they are actually sheets!) from the charity shop, mixed with candlesticks and jam jars, also from the charity shop. I grouped the candles in threes between the gaps in the plates to spread candle light along the length of the table but making sure we could still see each other. To finish I hopped into the garden and my olive tree which doubled in size this year provided the greenery. I’m so looking forward to styling more tables this year – the daily daffodil check is looking promising, it shouldn’t be too long before the fresh seasonal flowers are back.

New Years Celebration Table
  • Celebration Table with Olive
  • Gold and Silver wall decoration
Christmas decorations with vintage baubles
  • Lotts and Lots
  • Winter celebration table
  • olive branches and candles
  • tea light with olive branch
Christmas decorations
  • Turquoise cabinet
  • snowy christmas decorations
New Years Day tablescape


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