Macrame Workshop


I’m so happy to share these pictures, last week my mum and I held our first macrame workshop and I’m delighted to say that it won’t be our last! Four lovely ladies spent a gentle afternoon up in my craftroom learning the art of knotting and creating their own beautiful wall hangings. I was on hosting duties so kept everyone topped up with tea and cake and did to occasional bit of cord holding. Mum took everyone through the basic knots and then stepped back to watch four completely different designs take shape – I can’t believe how different each of them were. The afternoon was calm and relaxed and everyone was encouraged to follow their instincts in coming up with a design, no patterns just letting pattern in the cord do its thing. By the time the class was finished everyone had a reel of cord on order ready to make their next design.

As I said, I was in charge of hosting which made a change from being a teacher. I always want the room to be a reflection of what people see here on the blog and on instagram too so went for a slightly pink themed refreshment table (being as its February and all that!) . Making the most of my favourite dried flower crowns, dried flowers and a few roses that were just finishing to add a floral touch and then using mismatched plates and vintage teacups to keep it feeling relaxed. I also lit a candle as a delicious smelling room makes all the difference.

We’re definitely going to be holding some more classes so keep an eye out for more dates. Have a lovely weekend. xx

P.s – Pink Tie Dye Tablecloth Tutorial














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