The garden has burst into colour with frothy feverfew and roses mingly happy in their beds, each bud calling me to stop and take it all in.

The raised cutting beds are all working hard, I’m cutting, clearing and replanting on a regular basis making sure the next crop is fully stocked. There is a gentle movement to it all, each plant seems to know when to stop or start flowering. Trusting the process is one of the hardest lessons when farming, the more I work my tiny patch the more nature seeps into my soul, catches me and shows me that it’s all working out as it should.

I knew a ‘normal’ year would throw up challenges, making sure I have enough time to work outside is one of them. I dream of my very own field but for now the space I have is perfect and I’m enjoying coming up with ingenious ways to increase my growing area, although space for a poly tunnel would be nice!

I’m putting more on more flower stalls as we head into the summer, I really love the people I meet and connections I make. There’s something about those jars of joy, that is impossible to resist. Follow me on Instagram for the latest dates.

June Rose Beds
June roses
  • June mini jars
  • small scale flower farming
June flowers on the table
June roses
  • Flowers in a jar
  • David Austin Charlotte rose
June florals
  • blue and yellow flowers
  • june flower stall
June flower stall
  • early summer jam jar flowers
  • summer flowers
summer flower table


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