I have this thing with tablecloths


I was on Instagram stories talking about tablecloths and I got SO many comments – turns out there is a lot to talk about. I’ve grown up with tablecloths signifying an event – whether that be Sunday lunch at my Gran’s when she got out a special lace tablecloth or a birthday with a cake and candles. A cloth on the table always made a gathering into a special occasion. I thought everyone knew about tablecloths but talking to friends (IRL) and chatting online, it turns out not everyone’s in on the tablecloth chat.

If you’ve followed me for a while then you’ll know that most table setting posts start with a tablecloth. I buy mine (stripes are always a winner) mainly from charity and second hand shops for a few pounds, I also bought a stack of pretty embroidered ones for my wedding from Ebay. In addition to charity shop treasures, H&M Home have a great variety at really reasonable prices as do places like TK Maxx, Homesense and Tiger. If you’re looking to start a collection I’d go for white as it always looks clean and fresh or something textured and neutral like a soft blush pink (I personally count pink as a neutral because it does go with everything) or any shade of grey. I also like to buy plain lengths of cotton fabric from Ikea and dye it to suit my table setting. 

A tablecloth always forms the basis of a pretty table plus it hides the fused on Weetabix. It instantly creates the mood for the rest of the setting where you can then have fun layering plates, glassware, candles and flowers on top. I’ve gone through my archives to show you some of my favourite ways I’ve laid my dining room table over the years, its really fun to look back plus its given me some new ideas for tables to come. As always I really hope it inspires you to make your everyday beautiful.





A colourful undone table


Under the shade of a tree


Styling the Seasons – July


Tie – Dye Tablecloth 


Early autumn afternoon tea


Fairy themed birthday table


Styled Christmas Table


Simple, colourful Christmas Table


Candle light and fresh flowers – a Christmas table


A simple new year table


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