This post feels like a real homecoming – combining my greatest loves, ribbon, flowers and DIY projects. Keen to use every single scrap of ribbon and loose petals I’ve been stashing away on my desk. I used the wonderful selection of washi tapes I’ve been sent from Papermash to create this stunning ribbon.

With Christmas not too far away, I like to use November to get some gentle prep under my belt and decided this ribbon was a good DIY to get me on my way. Washi tape is turning my head again and I’m really loving getting creative with it. I find papercraft tricky but when I view it as a fabric the ideas flow! This ribbon may look complicated but I promise it isn’t, you will need to put some time aside to make but it really is worth it. Not only is it really calming to make, it looks SO beautiful, unique and makes sure nothing goes to waste.

The DIY details are below…

Recycled Ribbon

To make, gather any ribbon, fabric and petal scraps you have and then select your washi tape from the vast Papermash Washi Tape selection. I used the Purple Floral Washi Tape, William Morris Honeysuckle Washi Tape, and the Shiny Gold Tape.

Rip strips of cotton or base fabric into inch wide strips, overlap by 1cm and sew together on a sewing machine. You will now have one long length of ‘ribbon’.

Run a length of washi tape along the centre, this will be a base layer of colour plus give the sewing machine something to grip onto.

Now rip lengths of the gold and William Morris tape and stick randomly down the length of the ribbon. I pre rolled my ribbon around some card so I could work in sections to save getting in a tangle.

Set the sewing machine to a wide and long zig-zag stitch and begin to sew your fabric scraps (I used my silk ribbon off cuts) and hydrangea petals down the ribbon layering as I went.

Continue down the whole length of the ribbon until complete.

I’m so in love with DIY, I hope it inspires you to look at your recycling pile in a different way!

Tape provided by Papermash, concept, words and photography all me.

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how to make ribbon from fabric scraps
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