How to start a flower stall

Hello everyone, I’m catching up after a summer with my little ones and have these gorgeous photos still to share. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is ‘How do I start a flower stall?’ After three summers of selling my fresh flowers I have a few nuggets of wisdom to dish out.

My main advice would be to don’t overthink it and just start. Got your dahlias blooming their socks off? Grab yourself some jam jars or brown paper, wrap them up and put them somewhere people can see.

Talking of being seen, use whatever social media platform you have to share your blooms. Instagram has been a tough one this year but post away anyway and the right people will find you. And don’t forget to talk to people IRL about your flowers – so much of my business comes from simply having conversations and sharing my love and passion for growing flowers face to face.

Don’t wait for it to be perfect.

Don’t undercharge! I’m 100% guilty of this but the lower you start the harder it is to build back up to a true price.

Keep going…the first flower stalls I ran were complete sell outs which was wonderful and got me on my flower farming path. As we’ve emerged from lock downs into a normal way of living I don’t sell out every week and that’s ok. What is important, is keeping  going and letting people know that you are around.

Finally, enjoy the ride. Flower people are the kindest, loviest and sunniest people around. Flowers open doors and connect so many of us, often unexpectedly. I have the best chats with my customers as well as passers by. Living life to a floral tune is such a rewarding way to live.

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