Hand Remade Co vintage quilt bunting

spring bunting styling

Can I tell you a secret? Despite the 12,000 photos on my phone (no joke!) I get so nervous taking photos for other people. I have a page on my website for photography & styling but my nerves stop me from doing any kind of promotion. It’s ridiculous, I know, but we all have our stumbling blocks and this is mine. I’m working on it, I promise.

That said when someone reaches out and asks for photos, I get really excited. One such lovely lady was Ashelyn from Hand Remade Co. . Based in Utah, Ashelyn creates the most beautiful bunting, bags and other bits from vintage American quilts. I chose to photograph this bunting as I can never resist bunting, nor can I resist vintage prints, old quilts and items with a tale to tell. To me Utah conjures up images of American porches, open skies, dusty boots and wide brimmed hats that only look on Americans. Apologies for the stereotypes, I have never been so could be completely wrong!

Anyway, I captured these images in very early spring inspired by the time worn colours and gentle playfulness bunting always brings. With small children in the house, I think it’s really important to have details around that appeal to all and this is a perfect mix. It’s currently hanging over the mirror in my lounge but know it will be used in many different rooms and for many different celebrations.

Hand Remade Co Bunting is available here.

If you are interested in any photos and styling drop me an email via my contact page or find me on Instagram.

Hand Remade Co bunting
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close up of vintage bunting
pretty vintage bunting


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