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**this post contains gifted items, discount code at the end of the post**

You know spring has sprung when the urge to lavish anything with Liberty prints surfaces. As I wrote in my last post, we were having a particularly bad week when these gorgeous Liberty gift tags and letters arrived from Laura Made It. They were just the pick-me-up I needed to kick start a new gift wrapping post for you all. Beautifully handmade by Laura in Lincolnshire, I love how they are designed to be keepsakes and I know that I’ll be using mine on Stanley and Milly’s presents for many years to come.

I love the optimism and abundance that comes with Spring and really wanted to go to town with prints, patterns and textures on these presents but also inspire you to use materials you might already have at home. I started with a classic brown paper and layered up odd pieces of tissue paper and fabric in my stash – for this tutorial more is definitely more and in these difficult times creating moments of lightness and joy is SO important. Here’s how to make…


You’ll need

Wrapping paper (I used brown paper but use what you have), Wooden gift tags – I used a personalised letter tag and wooden gift tags, tissue paper or contrasting paper scraps and a selection of printed and plain fabrics, tape (double sided or regular)


Step 1

Wrap your present in your base paper – use my post The Basics of Gift Wrapping as a guide to get you started and run a band of contrasting tissue around the centre fixing at the back with tape. As a rough guide the tissue strip was about half the width of the present. Cut or tear a strip of fabric for the bow, mine was about half the width of the tissue wrap – you’ll need enough to wrap around the present and tie a bow. Wrap around the present and tie in a single knot. Cut or tear a second contrast piece of fabric about the same width as the tissue wrap and long enough to be tied in a bow. Place under the first fabric. Take your gift tag and tie around the knot. I promise its easier than it sounds!!!


Step 2

Take both lengths of fabric and tie in a bow (my guide on How to Tie a Bow) will help. Puff out the ‘ears’ and ends and trim off any excess fabric.









Once you get going with these the possibilities are endless, I love how Liberty, vintage and modern fabrics look so good together complimenting the sweet gift tags. A huge thanks to Laura for kindly gifting these to me and also offering Lotts and Lots readers 20% off with the code CHARLOTTE20. Tags – Laura Made It, DIY, styling and photography all me. If you’d like to work with me please get in touch for rates, I’d love to hear from you. Happy Wrapping! xx


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