A gentle post for you today…I was walking to school this afternoon thinking back to a time when life was simple and there were only blogs. I used to love logging onto my favourites every morning discovering what was new in different corners of the world. There was a French blog I used to look at only (my French is terrible),  it was simply a collection of beautiful everyday moments – I wish I could remember its name. I still remember how those images made me feel and made me want to take better photos.

I’ve been under the weather this last few takes and forcing myself to rest up and back up my laptop. The result a collection of images taken throughout Autumn, snippets of my days when the light has been right, house slightly tidy and camera handy. Enjoy!

  • Autumn_SunLight
  • figs_and_flowers
  • Autumn_Flowers
  • Dried_Flowers
  • Flowers_on_the_Mantle
  • Dried_Flower_Gift_Tags
  • Harvest_Flowers
  • Seed_Dahlias
  • Kitchen_Flowers


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