Floral washi tape gift wrapping for Papermash

I wanted to share these summer gift wrapping projects I created for Lynne at Papermash. As I was creating these I realised that it was my ten year blogging anniversary (wow!) and the old Papermash blog, Tea for Joy was the first I ever read. I remember the post so clearly, it was a dish of coloured washi tapes that I could buy in the UK, having only seen them in the U.S, it felt like a BIG deal. From that moment, I was hooked on blogs and it felt really fitting to be creating these for the person that first inspired me to start writing.

Lynne asked me to create some wrapping ideas with the Cherry Blossom washi tape stickers  and the Dried Flower washi tape stickers . I wanted to wrap in my usual style – lots of layers, textures and delicate colours to pull out the beauty of these stickers. They were a real treat to work with and great to have in a wrapping stash, they make the most simple present beautiful. I’ve added a few steps on how to make the tags below…


You’ll need – washi tape stickers, wooden craft tags (similar here), paint (tester pots are great for this), a selection of ribbons/string/etc and Mod Podge

Step 1. Paint the tags front and back with a few coats of paint, leaving to dry in between,

Step 2. Once dry, arrange your stickers on the tags. Trim off any excess around the edges, I love it when the flowers come off the edge of the stickers.

Step 3. I didn’t do this for the photo’s but would next time…add a thin layer of Modge Podge to act as a sealant.

Step 4. Once dry, add ribbons, string, fabric scraps to make the ties and then wrap as you wish.

  • Wooden_Gift_Tags_DIY
  • Washi_Tape_Gift_Tags
  • Dried_Flower_Wrapping_Ideas
  • Papermash_Washi_Tape_wrapping


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