DIY – Wooden Christmas Decorations

13th December 2019 ,


I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to share these wood and wall paper decorations. I made these four years ago (talk about back log!) and have been firm favourites on my tree ever since. This year feels like the right year to share them, they are such a lovely DIY to do on cosy days on the run up to Christmas and easy for little ones to ‘help’ with.


You’ll need

MDF shapes, wallpaper scraps, thick wrapping paper or even fabric, pva glue, wire or fine thread, sequins, beads and ribbon.

Step 1

Apply a thin layer of pva glue, leave to go a bit tacky and then firmly press the wallpaper to one side. Leave to dry (a warm radiator helps speed the process up).

Step 2

Cut around the edge of the wooden shape so the edges are flush. Repeat step 1. to the back of the shape.

Step 3

Once dry, cut around the shape and if you want to run a thin layer of paint around the edge to cover up the wood.

Step 4

This is where you can get creative, take a length of wire and add sequins and beads in whatever order you like. To finish wrap the wire over itself or knot the thread.


I managed quite a few different variations with the basic wooden shapes, I turned them into a garland using wooden beads and sequins – I have this hanging up all year round. I also made a simple wall hanging with a piece of driftwood and velvet ribbon.


I”m so glad I finally got to share these with you today, they are such beauties and really worth making this Christmas time. Happy making! x


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