DIY – Washi Tape Unicorns with Papermash

It’s September which means birthday’s a-go-go here at Lotts and Lots. I love creating celebrations for my children, they give me a chance to get creative and add a little whimsy and fun to our days. As my children are getting older and have more opinions (no bad thing, but…) I have less control over how a celebration looks. Milly my youngest turned five at the weekend and I took the chance to indulge in some magic making with these cupcake toppers.

On a roll (literally) I’ve been using and having fun with this textured pinks washi tape set kindly provided by Papermash this summer. I have been using my tapes to make seed packets and sketchbooks but these toppers have to be one of my favourites.

They are time consuming, I made these in 30 minute bursts over an afternoon and evening but were definitely worth it. Here’s how I did it.

Step 1 – Draw some unicorns onto a piece of paper or card making sure they have lots of hair. I can’t draw unicorns so traced them from a book and then copied out a few onto paper.

Step 2 – Add a really light wash of watercolour paint in your chosen colours and leave to dry. I use this watercolour set, its slightly shimmery. Once dry trace over the pencil outline with a black fineliner pen.

Step 3 – If using paper, stick onto a piece of thin card and leave to dry.

Step 4 – Pick your tape colours and rip tiny strips from the roll adding to the mane, tail, wings and hoofs. Use a few different colours to layer up the textures and tones

Step 5 – Cut around the shapes and stick to a cocktail stick. Pop onto your cakes – I use this cupcake recipe.

Of course no celebration table is complete without a proper tablecloth and a freshly picked bunch of flowers. Oh how I dream of a September birthday, instead of a soggy February one.

Washi Tape was provided by Papermash whom I’ve worked with over the last few years. DIY, photography and flowers all my own.

Washi Tape Unicorn DIY
Hand Drawn Unicorn Cake Topper
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DIY Washi Tape Cake Toppers
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