DIY – Upcycled packaging gift wrap

21st December 2019 ,


Like many of us this Christmas I’m trying to wrap with the planet in mind, when Milly’s Christmas present arrived from Amazon (I know, its a huge contradiction) with metres of brown-ish paper I knew I had to try and reuse it somehow.

With the remaining supplies from my craft workshop, a bag of glitter given to my years ago – I used what I had and painted stripes and swirls to transform the paper from dull to dazzling. If you’d like a more detailed tutorial, this Fairy Themed Gift Wrapping post is just for you. I embellished with fabric off-cuts, metallic bakers twine (from my stash), cardboard stars which were last years Christmas table decorations – coloured by my girl and the few remaining clay decorations from workshop which Stanley decorated so carefully (his part is on the back!).

I must say I’m so happy with how they turned out, painting brown paper before wrapping is a definite must for me, I need the extra layer of detail to make the gifts feel special. Making sure every scrap and off-cut is used up makes a little go a long way and gives the presents a cohesive feel. I shared the whole process on Instagram stories – recycled wrapping can be done anytime of the year so have a look on my highlights bar (I’m @Lottsandlots) for the full story. I hope this has inspired you to look at your recycling in a new way, happy wrapping! xx








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