DIY – Upcycled Embroidered Purse

I know it’s only Monday but my mind can’t help wandering to the weekend…Each Sunday I take absolute delight in turning my phone off (well Instagram mainly) and seeing where the day takes me. I couldn’t love my flower work anymore but I am aware that it is both physically and mentally all consuming . Taking a break once a week is as important as all the other jobs required to keep things running.

On the days where I get to sit down (i’ll admit they aren’t that frequent) I always find myself gravitating back to my first love of sewing. I picked up and put down this embroidery over a few summers but finally finished it during the first lockdown. The cotton pouch was from a blogging event years ago (you can find plain versions here) and the rest of the materials were from my craft stash. I embroidered leaves and then layered the tassels and sequin embellishments on top. In complete contrast to the garden where I have every inch planned, I sew without a pattern and see where the design takes me. I’ve currently got a pair of shorts on the go which I hope to get complete by the time the sun sunshines.

Embroidered_Cotton_Zip _Purse
  • Indian_Ribbon_emnbroidery
  • Bead_Sequin_Embroidery
  • Colourful_Embroidery


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