DIY – Recycled golden bauble hairband


Happy December! Let’s start this festive season with an absolute beauty of a tutorial. I made this bauble hairband very quickly last year and never got to post it, it’s golden beauty stayed with me and I knew I had to get it here for this years festivities.

I’m becoming more aware of what I have and what I’m consuming – before I go through the very simple steps, I want to encourage you to take a look at what you already own that could be recycled. I’ve used left over hairbands from a hen do, ribbon from my stash and baubles from the very first tree Dan and I put up. I love giving old things a new purpose and hope these bauble hairbands will create many new memories in years to come. I forgot how good this was. I cannot wait to make some more to dot around my Christmas Day table. Happy making! Xx


Here’s how to make

You’ll need a mix of baubles (plastic works best) if you don’t have any check your local charity shops before buying any new ones, hairbands (I find chemists have a great selection), ribbon and a glue gun.

Step 1

If your hairband is a funny colour, wrap it with ribbon. Fix to one end with a glue gun wrap so the whole band is covered and then fix the other end with a dab of hot glue. Cut off any extra ribbon.

Step 2

Starting with your main bauble, this could be a large or shaped one, fix off centre to the hairband (you might need a fair bit of glue to keep in place). Add smaller ones to the side, sticking them to each other and the band. Make sure you mix textures and sizes to keep it interesting.

Step 3

To hide any joins and give it an extra bit of support glue a length of cord or ribbon around the baubles at the front. Wear and enjoy!





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