DIY – Pressed flower books


A pretty and simple DIY for you today. With the summer blooms starting to fade – I really wanted a quick and easy way to preserve my garden flowers. My sewing machine was out and I had this handmade paper close by following Stanley and Milly’s birthday celebrations so decided to create pressed flower books. If you have never tried sewing on paper you should, its very satisfying! These books couldn’t be simpler to make…

Step 1

Take six sheets of paper and fold in half (this Khadi Rag Paper looks perfect, I would split the pack and do five sheets per book)

Step 2

Secure your paper stack with a large paper clip either side of the fold

Step 3

Set your sewing machine to a long straight stitch and sew along the middle fold, don’t forget to do a little back stitch at the start and finish.

Step 4.

Gather your garden blooms and place in between each page.

Step 5

Once full, close the pages together and secure tightly with string or ribbon and place under something heavy.

I’m hoping these will have dried out by the deepest winter so I have something to photograph and play with whilst waiting for the spring flowers to open again. I’m so in love with these pictures, not sure if its seeing my homegrown flowers on screen or the fact that I’ve written a tutorial again but it’s working for me! Happy Making! xx











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