DIY – Paper streamer party back drop


One last post from my Spring Celebration Table series…Unless you have an actual Instagram location home, I’m imagining that there are a few ugly spots around your house you’d prefer not show online (hi there ugly speaker and random heating control).

When setting up my Alice and Rosa shoot I was faced with a radiator just in shot, I couldn’t move it or the table so decided to blur it. I made this very simple wall hanging using paper streamers the same colour as the wall, a few left over decorations and set up a drinks table in front. The whole thing took me about 30 minutes to set up and created a lovely distraction from a dull radiator ( if you’re putting items on the table that are prone to melting you might want to turn the radiator off!). I think this set up would work for covering tv’s, bookcases etc and also creates a perfect photo booth corner. Here’s how to make…


You’ll need – a length of dowling , painted to match the wall if possible mine was 1.5cm thick and 120cm long) paper streamershoneycomb decorations, foil garlands, glue or tape.

Step 1

Hang your piece of dowling in place, I hung this of some shelf brackets but you could also use wire or cord like this or this wall hanging).

Step 2

Loop a length of streamer over the dowling and fix into place at the back with a dab of glue or some tape, repeat until the whole length is covered. Ideally you want the length to touch the floor so you might need more than one packet of streamers depending on how long your dowling is and the drop.

Step 3

Add in a few lengths of foil garlands and honeycomb decorations – I kept mine purposely minimal.

Step 4

Add a pretty table with your chosen party wear ; – I used Meri Meri partyware from Other Letters.








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